New Girl and Friends

There are a lot of similarities between New Girl and Friends. When I first watched New Girl, I was reminded about Friends here and there, from the large, upper class apartment that everyone seems to be able to afford. The amount is never revealed, but there is just this idea that the apartment is not that expensive to the point where it’s not affordable. Jess being a teacher obviously doesn’t get paid enough, and whenever Nick is working, there is not that many customers, so his tip isn’t too great. Schmidt’s job isn’t specifically stated other than the broad term of networking and marketing. Winston has random side jobs but never has a stable job. So with all of these things in mind, how do they all manage to afford this apartment? In Friends, Rachel was in fashion making good money, Ross was working in a museum so he made a fair amount, and Monica was a chef so she made a decent amount of money as well. Although the similarity is there, New Girl is a bit more vague on this one.

Another similarity that I found was that the “friends as family” sense was very strong in both shows. Although the family members of the cast is revealed, the group of friends acts more like family than their actual family. The show started as separate groups of friends who somehow meet each other, and as time passes, the different groups eventually meld into just one big, close group. No matter how many times the group friends together, they always get back together and become even closer. It is very heartwarming, seeing the theme that “family is always there” is one thing, but friends can always be there as well.

So is New Girl the new Friends? Please tell me your ideas and thoughts about this!



In the “Nerd” episode of New Girl, Jess tries to fit in with the “cool” group of teachers at her school, and at first she cannot fit in because of her dorkiness. Nick comes into the scene in order to help her because he used to be the one of the “cool” kids back in his days when he went to school. The “cool” teachers were played by Dreama Walker, Angela Kinsey and Mark Proksch. The task to prove that Jess could fit in was to sneak into the principal’s, played by Curtis Armstrong, hot tub. Jess wants to do whatever it takes to fit in with the rest of the faculty at the school, even if it means breaking the law!

Nick and Jess get caught at their attempt in sneaking in the principal’s hot tub, but he misunderstands their intention and thinks that they just wanted a piece of the hot tub experience. Due to his misunderstanding, Nick and Jess were spared from a trespassing charge.

This episode had the usual comedy element, with the help of Jess’s adorkable personality, and the actor/actresses that played the “cool” teachers complimented the show well with their own dorky humor. The two female teachers have the air headed, popular girl in high school attitude, while the male teacher is very awkward with his sense of social skills. He is very straightforward and does not have a filter on what he says. I feel as if this episode did a good job in providing an insight into Jess and her status at work. Tune in next time for some random personal interests that I have had while watching New Girl. Maybe I will share some of the same interests in the show as some of you do!

Figuring Out the New Girl

New Girl has a few main components that make the show the way it is. At first these things seemed random, but after watching the show season after season, these random events eventually become the norm. The components that I am talking about are things like the never ending struggle to find romance and the sudden bursts into musical-like moments. These reoccurring moments also take place in familiar locations, such as in Jess’s apartment and the bar that Nick works at. There is the occasional new setting, but one can expect to see these events unravel in either the apartment or at the bar.

Jess’s character is known to break out into songs, and this became part of the show because other characters soon did the same, like Winston.

television animated GIF

The frustrating romance in New Girl is something that any normal viewer can point out, where Nick&Jess and Schmidt&Cece never seem to settle down and just date one another. Whenever there are moments where I think they are finally becoming official, somebody has to mess up and ruin everything. One example that comes to my mind is when Schmidt finally has the opportunity to date Cece formally, he is caught in between choosing Elizabeth and Cece. He tries to date both of them and ends up alone. Schmidt has been longing for Cece since he met her, and when he is given the one in a million chance to become official with her, he just HAS to screw it up.

Unlike Cece and Schmidt, Nick and Jess were official at one point, but they broke up because the two of them never seemed to agree on anything. Instead of bickering constantly, Nick and Jess decided that it would be in both of their best interest to split up and go about their separate love lives, but we all know that the two of them still have feelings for each other. The only thing keeping Nick and Jess from getting back together is themselves.

From the outbursts of songs to the unfruitful relationships, New Girl has many key components that make the show the way it is. The things that I mentioned above are a few that I noticed, but you should watch the show and point out any that you noticed!

New Girl’s Real MVP

Elizabeth Meriwether is not only the creator, but also the main writer for New Girl. Her and eleven other writers are working behind the scenes in order to come up with the crazy things that each character says and does. Elizabeth Meriwether is well-known for not only New Girl but also No Strings Attached and Twilight Cycles. She is also involved in a group called “The Fempire” which is a group of female screenwriters, so with the relations in that group, Meriwether has more than enough sources of ideas whenever she needs them. She is also a well-known feminist who once did stand-up comedy and performed in Las Vegas. With this life experience, her sense of comedy is definitely refined and she knows how to make jokes about the female cast without taking it too far. Meriwether has been a part of all 89 episodes, but there are other writers worth mentioning as well. Rebecca Addelman has worked on 28 episodes, and she was known for her works in SuperNews! and Cream of Comedy. Kim Rosenstock, Christian Magelhaes and Robert Snow have all been involved in 24 episodes.  Josh Malmuth has worked on 21 episodes, and one show that he worked on had some resemblance to New Girl. This show was called Mad Love. This show was also about four single individuals with two main story lines. I think that with his previous experience in this type of show, he was able to give a lot of input when it came to writing for New Girl.

The majority of the writing team has been involved with some form of comedy, and others have been a part of satirical shows as well as romantic programs. Combining the knowledge and experience from all of these individuals creates the genius behind New Girl’s adorkable comedy.

Talk the Talk

The dialogue in New Girl is definitely different than other shows that I have seen. The personality of each character shows in the way everyone talks. Whenever Jess opens her mouth, the awkwardness and quirkiness fills the air. She says things like, “Hey are you going to murder me since we just met?” during the first episode when she moves in. She also says “Like Gandalf through Middle Earth?” when Schmidt offers to guide her through a rebound phrase when Jess was doing through her breakup.

Each character’s personality is brought out and defined through every line that is said. Like I mentioned previously, Jess exudes this awkward and quirkiness, but Schmidt definitely has some of the most interesting lines. He says things in the most inappropriate way possible, making him seem like some guy who just wants sex all of the time or a guy who actually has a heart and cares for you. When Cece was talking to Nick, Schmidt and Coach about Jess, Schmidt says that he did not understand a thing she was saying because he was staring at her boobs the entire time. This kind of line is something that a guy would think about, not say, but you can rely on Schmidt to say those kinds of things.

The kind of analogies and references that happen in the show is very vivid and entertaining. An idea like growing old can be given a story like when you grow old, you sit outside on a rocking chair and watch children run through the front lawn. Or going on a date can be described as going out on a hunt looking for some prey. There is one memorable analogy that I remember where Jess’s face when she was crying was referred to looking like a  hungry badger.

New Girl does a good job in adding the comedy element no matter what is going on in the show. Even if there is a serious moment going on, just by the appearance of Jess or Schmidt can turn the scene into a lighthearted comedy, so whenever you are in need of a good laugh, tune in to New Girl!

Nick and Jess > Schmidt and Cece?

“New Girl” often has two plot-central story lines which usually revolve around Nick and Jess in one story line and Schmidt and Cece in the other. Frequently, there is roughly an even amount of time for both story lines showing how both relationships are advancing. On the contrary the most episodes, Season 3 Episode 13 titled “Birthday” was different in the ratio of Nick+Jess vs. Schmidt+Cece. This episode was all about Jess’s birthday, and more importantly, it was Jess’s first birthday with her boyfriend, Nick. This episode opens up with a cold open, which is how “New Girl” usually opens. The show jumps right into the developing surprise party for Jess, which is all planned by Nick, who is usually very lazy and unorganized. Nick hangs out with Jess for the entire day in order to surprise her with the party at the theater, so this obviously takes up most of the episode.


But Schmidt and Cece’s relationship is not forgotten because Cece covers for Nick at the bar in order for him to spend the day with Jess, but Cece does not know what she is doing behind the bar. Of course Schmidt is there to save her, so he goes to check up on her and ends up helping her out with the different orders and tasks that were needed to be completed before they left for the party. They have a small “development” in their relationship when Cece calls Schmidt her friend………but this is just about all that happens for them in this episode.

The episode ends with a tag of Schmidt and all of his different versions of saying “happy birthday” for Jess’s birthday video. Tags are quite frequent in “New Girl,” and they are very entertaining, well at least for me they are. The tag usually provides that comedy to end the show on a laughable note. And on that note, I’ll end this blog post here.

It’s Jess!

The main character of “New Girl” is Jessica Day. If her singing in the theme song with all the of the guys playing background props was not a big enough hint, then maybe the fact the last lyric of the song says “It’s Jess!” will be enough? The other main characters in the show, aside of Jess, is Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Coach and Cece. Jessica is teacher who is very dorky, cutesy, naive and quite often awkward while Nick is the lazy, “tough” guy who portrays the “typical male.”

Jess New Girl animated GIFJess Kiss animated GIF

Jess and Nick have this romance that is constantly going on and off throughout the show. Schimdt is the guy who tells it like it is, and the one who usually says the things that people say in their minds but are just too afraid to say it. He goes from being fat to being very fit and becomes a player who loves Cece, while Cece is the hot model who is also Jess’s best friend.

New Girl animated GIF

Winston is the guy who is in touch with his feminine side and usually cleans up after the mess that Nick and Schmidt make, while also keeping a look out for someone to call his own. I always feel bad for Winston because he almost had a girl, but she ends up cheating on him. He is usually the third of fifth wheel as well, there are a lot of scenes where he just wants to be loved, but everyone is too busy with their problems to notice until he acts out. Coach comes and goes throughout the show, and he is the image of the athletic guy. I mean his name is Coach, so I guess anyone could have guessed that he would be the sports guy.

New Girl animated GIF

Cece and Schmidt sleep together multiple times but no solid commitment is made between to two. Sometimes it seems like Cece reciprocates Schmidt’s feelings, but then something always goes wrong and the two never officially get together. Unlike Cece and Schmidt, Nick and Jess have an official relationship but later break up. After their breakup there are some lingering feelings between the two which causes conflict in their love lives and also among the roommates. The majority of the conflict that develops in this program are things that people could relate to, such as cheating, difficult breakups, one-sided loves, finding “the one” and getting through tough times with your real friends. The characters all strive to have successful relationships while also wanting to live the good life.

Come back next week to learn even more about the show!

Guys Watching New Girl?

When you watch a show called “New Girl” what would you think the show would be about? The typical response would be, based on the title alone, “New Girl” seems like a show that only girls would watch, but it is targeting men as well. The main reason to why people would think that only girls watch “New Girl” would be because the way Fox advertises the show. Despite the “girly” title, the show was supposed to be focused on the male roommates and their adventures. The show was originally about three guys who are in need of a fourth roommate, and a female roommate, Jess, comes into the scene.

There are a lot of “female” problems being previewed in the show, and that attracts other females with similar problems. This allows the female audience to relate to Jess. “New Girl” does have a loyal following, but the audience is mainly female. The staff is moving the show slowly away from the perceived female focus, and it is moving more towards appealing to a male audience. The guys in the show, Nick, Winston and Schmidt, are getting more airtime with the story line revolving around them more, including more “male” problems than female problems. The thing that most people do not know about this show is that the writing crew for “New Girl” is consisted of mainly male.

“New Girl” seems to be well received by its audience, and there seems to be high hopes because the show has some very famous guest stars, like Taylor Swift and Brenda Song!


The critics are pleased with the show right now. Based on a few critiques, there are high expectations for the new fourth season of “New Girl.” The critics are saying things like how the fourth season is bringing the show up to speed with the previous seasons’ success.

The Swuit on Netflix!

“New Girl” has been going through different forms of media, such as the internet and merchandise. Netflix was where I first watched personally, and there are a lot of commercials in between breaks of the online stream. It shows a lot of good previews of the new exciting episodes that are soon to come. “New Girl” is very proactive with social media, with posts on both instagram and twitter. The show is very consistent with new posts for every episode. There are a lot of sneak peak pictures that really just grab your attention.


I would have no idea what this is about, do you?

According to, “New Girl” is among the top fifty shows to watch on Netflix. But it is not only on Netflix where “New Girl” is available online. There are weekly highlights of the show on Fox’s site, and the videos are available for multiple devices, such as smart phones, kindles Xbox’s. Just about every device is supported so the content is easily accessible, so you can watch “New Girl” on the go or at home!

“New Girl” just came out with a product on the website’s shop, and it is a prop item, “The Swuit.”

There is an opportunity to actually wear something that the cast actually wore, so the audience can actually “be a part” of the program. The swuit is not the only thing that is available on the shop, there are a lot of items, like the some necklaces, the magnet frame from the intro song and a cardboard cut out of Jess. Not only are there items to dress like the stars, but you can also bring some new additions home to spice up the home with some “New Girl” flavor.

First Post!

Jess, the “new girl” in Los Angeles moves in with three guys, Nick, Schmidt and Winston. This comedy / drama has its quirky moments, along with some serious moments. I’m not sure about everyone else, but for me this show has some moments where its awkward nature comes out. It does a good job in making me feel awkward, but for some reason, I keep going back to watching it. Its pilot episode had 10.28 million adults watching with a 4.8 rating. This had the record for Fox’s biggest fall debut since 2001. At first I felt weird for being attracted to this show because I thought it was something that was mainly for women, but upon further research, the majority of the writing team consisted of males. The reason why I wanted to blog about this show is because it was an interesting experience for me, but in a good way. I wanted to share this experience with everyone else, and I cannot really explain this show without using the word “interesting” or “weird.”

New Girl does a very good job in relating to a variety of people in very unique ways. This show might seem strange at first, but take my word for it when I say that it definitely grows on you. I definitely see myself being able to relate to Winston and Nick, maybe Winston more than NIck. Winston has those “reality check” moments that I find myself doing, where Nick is the guy who goes through struggles that a typical guy would.

New Girl has been nominated for five Golden Globes and Primetime Emmy Awards, and this show has been doing well as it’s on its fourth season right now. If you are looking for something new to watch, I definitely recommend New Girl. It will for sure be something new, where it is unlike any show you have see before. It won’t take too much time catching up because there are only four seasons, but the episodes will definitely fly by because you cannot just stop at one. I will be posting more about New Girl next week, but in the mean time, everyone should go check the show out. This way more people will be able to understand when I describe New Girl as weird or interesting in a good way.